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Dear All,

In June 2015, I entered Hansraj Model School, Punjabi Bagh, with a dream in my eyes and determination in my vision to contribute my very best in making the institution reach the pinnacles of glory. 

The last twelve months have resulted in both, humbling and fruitful experiences. With the unflinching support of my dedicated team, co-operative parents and ever enthusiastic alumni, we have together reached landmarks. Our steps towards success have culminated into awards, accolades, recognition and approbation in every field.

The upcoming trends in not only enhancing quality education, but also by way of massive developments in infrastructure, beautification of lawns, enhancements in landscaping and increment in number of Smart Classes, setting of higher standards in discipline have resulted in our progress and success. With the showcasing of tremendous talent at our Mega Events - “Nayi Disha-Naya Sankalp”, ‘“Alumni Reunion meet 2016”, “Sankalpaur Smritiyan” to mark the initiation of our Golden Jubilee Celebration, we have won not just accolades, but admiration too.

Under the motivating guidance of my mentors - Shri Punam Suri (President, DAVCMC), Dr. Nisha Peshin (Director, PS II DAVCMC), Shri R. S. Sharma (Secretary DAVCMC and Chairman, HRMS), Shri S. R. Arora (Vice President, DAVCMC and Vice Chairman, HRMS) and Shri Ravinder Kumar (Secretary, DAVCMC and Manager, HRMS), I wish to lead the school to even greater heights and reiterate its place as a leader and trendsetter amongst the fraternity. I, along with my dynamic team, feel confident in contributing towards chiseling characters and shaping the leaders of tomorrow. I envision my students, my proud Hansarians, as true ambassadors of the time honored Aryan values, equipped with skills to capture their slice of success in the global arena. I look towards the parents for their unceasing support in all our accomplishments and I have immense faith in my strong Alumni also.

With aspirations and hopes, I believe...

A story of fifty years of cheered history,

For some, it may be an unsolved mystery.

For proud Hansarians, it’s a journey of endless dedication,

Each day filled with unlimited devotion.

Stepping into our Golden Jubilee Year,

With excellence and unmatched success near,

We spread the fragrance of Hansraj far and wide,

We bask in its glory and glow with pride!!

Calling for an ecstatic jubilation and celebration and being a true Hansarian...

Heemal H Bhat