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Stringent Safety Protocols  

Dear Parents,


Ensuring the safety and security of our students is our utmost priority, and we want to assure you that we have taken proactive measures to address any potential threats, including bomb scares. Our school management has been diligently working to fortify our preparedness and response protocols to keep everyone safe.

We have implemented comprehensive safety procedures, including regular drills to familiarize students and staff with emergency protocols. Our collaboration with law enforcement agencies allows us to stay informed about potential threats and to take swift action if necessary. Additionally, we have enhanced security measures on campus, such as increased surveillance and stringent bag checks. The students and staff go through regular mock drills in school and are well aware of the evacuation plans for effective disaster preparedness.

Communication is key during such situations. Rest assured, we have established robust communication channels to keep you informed promptly and accurately in case of any emergency. Moreover, we have provided training and resources to help our staff recognize and respond to suspicious activities effectively.

Your child's well-being is of paramount importance to us. We understand the importance of maintaining a supportive environment during challenging times, and we are committed to providing counselling and support services as needed. We are immensely proud of our students who have exhibited excellent life skills at a time of utmost need. The way our students have behaved responsibly and patiently is truly commendable.

Thank you for your trust in us as we continue to prioritize the safety and security of our school community.



Heemal H Bhat
Hansraj Model School,
Punjabi Bagh,
New Delhi.

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