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Examination and Promotion  

As per the CBSE norms every student is required to get a scale D or above in all the subjects excluding additional subject for the purpose of promotion to the next class. A student getteing E1 or E2 in one or more subjects will have to improve his performance in one or subsequent attempt to obtain the qulaifying grade D in these subjects. It is mandatory to appear in bothe the summative assesment during the academic year. 

As Per CBSE Norms:

  • Those students who get total grade points in coscholastic areas/activities in the range 53-65 may benefit by getting upgraded to the next higher grade in two subjects in scholastic areas.
  • Those students who get total grade points int he range 40-52, may benefit by getting upgraded to the next higher grade in one subjject in scholastic area.
  • The upscaling of grade in scholastic areas is appli-cable in Main Subject only (i.e.excluding Additional 6th Subject)
  • No Grade should be upscaled twice.
  • No upscaling is done if the grade obtained in the subject is E2 or A1.
  • Upscaling is done from lowest grade to next higher grade and so on. 
  • (Example: E1 be upscaled to D, D to C2, C2 to C1, C1 to B2, B2 to B1, B1 to A2 and A2 to A1)
  • In case of tie in grades in two or more subjects (i.e. If grades obtained are same), the upscaling be done in following order:-
    V Higher marks obtained in the subject preferred
    V In case of tie in the marks, higher marks obtained in Summative Assessments (SA1+SA2)
    V In case of tie in Summative Assessments marks, higher marks obtained in Formative Assessments (FA1+FA2+FA3+FA4).
  • Benefit shall be given to the students who win I/II positions/prizes in competitions held at state level and/or participation in competitions held at national /international level organised by a body recognised by the state/central government/CBSE. Any competition organised by such agencies related to the co-scholastic areas/activities included in the Board’s CCE card may be considered for giving this benefit. Those students who qualify under this provision will benefit by getting their grade up-scaled to the next higher grade in two subjects provided this benefit has not been given to the student under the aforesaid grade point scheme.
  • If a student fails to obtain qualifying grade D in one or more subjects, even after adding grade points from co-scholastic areas and after availing one improvement chance, he/she will be required to repeat the same class during next academic year.

DOMAINS - Scholastic Areas (Grading on 9 Point Scale)



Grade Point Co-Scholastic
Area / Activities(Revised Scheme)


Life Skills

3x5 = 15


Work Education

1x5 = 5


Visual & Performance Arts

1x5 = 5


Attitude & Values

4x5 = 20


Co-curricular Activities

2x5 = 10


Health & Physical Education

2x5 = 10




For Class XI

  • In order to pass, a student must secure 33% marks in each of the subjects studied by him/her separately in both theory and practical portion.
  • A student who has appeared in the annual exam but is not eligible for promotion to next class is eligible for appearing in the compartmental examination, provided.
    - He/she has secured at least 20% marks in only one failing subject.
    - For practical subjects: if a student has failed in theory, the compartment is given in the theory only but if a student has failed in practical.
    - He/she has to appear both in theory and practical.
  • The student failing in more than one subject is not eligible for the compartment and will be required to repeat the same class in next academic year.