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Gender Sensitization  


"The only disability in life is a bad attitude.”


With this objective in mind, a workshop on gender sensitization was organized for Class VIII students. The session was conducted by the Peer Moderators and the school counselor. The peer moderators were trained by the psychologists of Fortis Hospital through the Prosocial Peer Moderator Program. It is a unique platform for students to learn application based life skills through the medium of interactive workshops. Hands on training were given to conduct workshops and activities for peers in school.

The session focused on the stereotypical behavior of people. A lot of activities were conducted during the workshop. They stressed on the fact that how our major decisions in life are affected by our stereotypes and assumptions. Career choices influenced by the gender were also discussed.

Students enthusiastically participated in the activities and responded very well. Students promised to develop a positive attitude towards life and see everything fairly and take decisions logically instead of being stereotypical.